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Donor List (updated daily on website or biannually in print)FREE
Donor Profile (from website)FREE
Donor Profile (mailed, #1-9)FREE
Donor Profile (mailed, #10 or more)$3 each
Medical Health History By Email$10
Medical Health History By Mail$15
Medical Health History By Fax$20
'In Your Own Words' By Email$10
'In Your Own Words' By Mail$15
'In Your Own Words' By Fax$15
Donor Silhouette By Email (by mail - call)$20
Donor Audio Interview on CD By Mail$40
Donor Baby Photos By Email$30
Donor Current Photo By Email$50
Miscellaneous Services
Photo Match- Option 1$30
Photo Match- Option 2$50
Genetic Counseling (by appointment only)$75 per 30 mins.
Cryovial return (unthawed) to be reshipped to same patient$95
Sterile catheters (available by physician written order only)$25
Short term (up to 3 months)$110
Long term (annually)$375

Courier Standard Overnight-delivery by 3:30 next business day$180
Courier Priority Overnight- delivery by 10am next business day$210
Courier Saturday- limited delivery area, call for availability$
Courier First Morning- very limited delivery area, call for availability$250
Client tank pick up and return$45
—Required tank deposit (refundable)$1200
Courier delivery (within Columbus only)$85

Client pick up, Courier return$110
—Required tank deposit (refundable)$1200

Call for pricing on any service not listed.

Prices subject to change without prior notice.